Welcome to Unity Fellowship of Christ Church – New York City we are one of many churches apart of a global network of churches called Unity Fellowship Church Movement. Where our motto is that “God is Love, and Loves is for Everyone”, and if you are reading this section of our website you are included in the everyone whom God loves. Since 1992 Unity Fellowship of Christ Church – NYC has served the New York City metro area in different locations. Those former locations have been the NYC LGBT Community Center, 230 Classon Avenue, and 2578 Atlantic Avenue.

Throughout our twenty-two (22) years and counting we have been able to provide a safe and welcoming space for all those whom have been marginalized and / or rejected by society and the church community. Some of those groups have been person whom were homeless, HIV positive, formerly incarcerated, identified differently (such as Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Questioning, etc.), single parents (mother or father), under employed, educational system drop outs, youth & young adults, persons of color, voiceless and etc.. This level of service was directly connected to our statement of belief focused on the ability to serve our human family members whom are affected by marginalization, oppression, discrimination, criminalization and other societal ills. We currently hold worship service at the National Black Theatre in Harlem which is located at 2031 5th. Avenue, New York, New York 10035 on the Third floor (3R). Our worship service time is every Sunday morning at 10am.

We look forward to you coming to pay us a visit, participant, join, and grow. Take a moment to explore the rest of our website for the many other interactive features we have. As well we look forward to your feedback on your experiences with us virtually or physically because it surely matters to us. Your feedback around ways that we can modernize our site, services provided and worship / meeting / event experience you had can be given by way of the survey and the suggestion section on our website. Thank you once again for visiting our website.


Unity Fellowship of Christ Church – New York City is a Social Justice Ministry, whose mission
is to teach freedom on all levels of racial, sexual, religious, and social-economic oppression. Our mission is carried out through the valuing of ourselves, as God has made us and the valuing of our heritage, including but not exclusively, the historical and literal teachings of Jesus Christ, as man and deity. The valuing of our community is demonstrated as we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, support and offer love to those who are incarcerated and those who suffer hardships.