Your Generosity is Making a Difference

Live Generously

We can continue to share the message of God is Love and Love is for everyone through our global reach because of your generosity. Be it through the realm platform, mail, or in person. We thank you for your consistency in giving. 

Why We Give

We give out of our love of God, neighbor, and self. We give out of the love of God because we know God honors our commitment to give. And through our giving, we receive indescribable blessings. We give out of love to our neighbor because we are paying it forward that this transformative place is there for those who will come after us. We want to ensure that there is a safe space to experience God. When we give out of love for ourselves, wanting to be connected, sustain, and be a part of the legacy of UFC-NYC through our investment. In addition, our investment has the immediate benefit of being a tax-deductible contribution.
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Ways to Give

Give On Sunday

During service, feel free to place your offering in our giving baskets as they are passed during service.

Give Online

Using our safe, secure online giving platform, you can feel safe about your gift. Login to get started.

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